Aussie online casinos

Online casino gaming in Australia is gaining a lot of popularity. An estimated 2.3 million Australians are known to be gambling. They can now enjoy an excellent selection of pokies, blackjack, roulette, and poker variants, as well as lottery games and other table games available. The following is a list of Aussie online casinos offering the best selection of real money games you can play using Australian dollars.

Australian Online Casino History

Aussie Online casinoWe love to understand the beginning of everything when it comes to online casinos. We believe online casino players share the same sentiment. Gambling in Australia is believed to be the result of the first British settlers. In 1788, the first settlers created a game played with coins known as two-up. It was played by placing two coins on a small board (kip). One coin would be facing tails-up while the other would be heads-up. Players would bet on two tails, two heads, or one of each. When players tossed five odds consecutively, a pay-out would be made.In Hyde Park, Sydney between 1809 and 1810, the first ever horse race was organized. The Melbourne Cup was hosted for the first time in 1861 and it is Australia’s most fascinating annual horse racing event to date. In 1879, the first tote was put forward in South Australia. The first officially organized lottery was hosted a year later. Between 1915 and 1916 gambling things got technical with the first totalisator being hosted. The first government-run lottery, Golden Casket Lotteries, was launched between 1920 and 1921 by the Australian government.

Playing For Real Money at Online Casinos

Aussie Online Casino Real MoneyThere are many betting options for Australians when they play real money online pokies and casino games. Mobile apps and online casinos do not incur expenses as their brick and mortar counterparts. With this in mind, you can gamble for 0.01 Australian dollars when throwing the dice or for a pokie spin. Of course, if you feel confident and you have the money, you can gamble hundreds or even thousands of AUDs on the single spin of a slot machine or online pokies. It all depends on how much money you are willing to gamble in a real money online casino playing online pokie games.You may be wondering how we came about the top-rated Aussie online casinos. The answer is we started by checking game selections. Australians want the assurance they will get their favorite game variations when they play real money online casino pokies. Additionally, they will need to know the variations in limits to allow high rollers and low limit players a chance to enjoy the games.

Gambling In Australia

One of the most exciting and biggest amendments will be letting gamblers make play-in or live bets on online sporting events. Micro-betting could likely be banned at both live betting locations and online sites. Individuals and companies in Australia running illegal gambling sites will be penalized heavily by the IGA. The Australian Federal Police will take action against directors of companies and websites will be held liable for any illegal gaming. Websites operating illegally could be permanently shut down. Each proposed change to the IGA is geared towards minimising the negative effects of online gambling. The government will be able to prevent any match-fixing by monitoring online betting activities.

Bonuses for Aussie Online Casino Players

Aussie Online Casino BonusesAll online casinos are known to offer new and regular players some incentives. A new player may usually be privy to welcome bonuses once they register their account, with some of these matching the amount they deposited. Take note some of these bonuses need to be played through before a player is allowed to cash them out. Additionally, there are cash back bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and many other types of promotions and bonuses developed by real money casinos. These are done to encourage players to register and play for real money. Majority of casinos allow players to get loyalty points through a comp point program. This is done when players bet on games and then turn the points into cash. VIP members and loyal or regular players who bet and deposit a lot usually receive giveaways, invitations to special events, valuable gifts, and more. A List of A Few Australian Favourites
Newbies in gambling can go through this list to see which Australian games they may like to begin with.

Australian Pokies

It is an Australian slot machine which is better known as real money pokies or a poker machine. These slot machines, also known as online sites in different parts of the world, are one of the most popular online Australian casino games.


Just like traditional blackjack, online blackjack is a card game where the main goal is to get a card hand that is closest to 21. This game has gained popularity over the years and is among the top games among Australian gamblers.

Online Baccarat

In this game, the objective is to find a hand that is closest to 9. Players will be provided two or three cards. The player who gets a card hand that is closest to 9 will win the bet. Online casino Baccarat has no difference compared to land-based Baccarat.

Online Roulette

Online roulette can be described as a casino game played on a revolving wheel with colored segments. Players predict where the ball will land choosing black or red, even or odd, and so on, and play their bets accordingly. Betting options are massive with some having very low odds and others great odds.

Online Craps

This is a dice game whereby players roll two dice on a craps table. A player needs to predict the outcome of the dice roll before they roll. Players who throw an eleven or seven-win the bet. Players who land twelve, three, or two lose the bet.

Online Poker

Poker, whether online or land-based, is popular among Australian casino gamblers. The online version is a card game where players make bets depending on the cards they are dealt. The winner is the player with the highest card hand. A bluff is a common strategy used by people with a low card hand to intimidate other players.

Mobile, Flash, or Download

You can enjoy different types of online casino gambling when you use slots. You can decide to play online casino games using your Flash-enabled browser. Alternatively, you can opt to download the entire casino to your device. There are casino sites that have mobile-friendly platforms to be used on tablets and smartphones. All slots have an option to give players the best option to suit their needs.