All people who are fans about gambling will, at least, have played Blackjack at some time in their life. This game is very popular and is played daily by thousands of people both in physical casinos and online casinos like Ruby Fortune, All Slots and a lot more around the world. It is one of the oldest and preferred versions by users.

Now, Blackjack is a game that is also known as “twenty-one”, it is a game of English cards. You must add up to 21 or the closest number to this number without exceeding. It is played at a table, where there are often between 4 and 7 players. In this table whose form is a semicircle, each player has a part to place his cards.

It is common to hear expert Blackjack players say that the odds of winning are more if the deck size is used in the game round. The truth is that many people wonder why this statement. In the following article, you will see the opinions of expert players to better understand the subject.

Experts say that while the player has fewer decks increases their chance of winning, this is because each deck 1/13 of the cards are Aces. The proportion of the values of the cards at the time of starting is the same, regardless of the decks that the person has to play. However, discarding a card in a smaller amount produces a greater impact compared to a larger number of cards.

There is a possibility to get Blackjack with just this option?

The probability is something that can be calculated if you use some mathematical analysis. For example, you must multiply the possibility of choosing a card whose value is ten points for the probability of obtaining an Ace. A deck containing 52 cards is made up of 16 cards whose value is 10 points plus 4 aces.

The possibility for an Ace to come out is 4/52 so it should be simplified 1/13. After the Ace has been stolen, 16/51 is the possibility that there is a card with a value of 10 points. In the first scenario has been calculated with a deck that has 52 more cards at the time of stealing a card, in the second, the calculation is made taking into account the possibility of leaving one of 16 cards and its value is 10 points in a deck of 51 cards.

This division shows because there are more benefits to have a smaller number of decks. In this case, the player takes advantage in front of the house. The exact percentage of being able to get a Blackjack with just one deck is 4.83%.

While the percentage of the possibility of drawing a Blackjack in 2 decks of cards is 4.78%.

Does Double Down also work better with 2 decks?

It is clear that previous calculations can make you see that this same procedure is useful to obtain Double Down with the least number of decks. At the moment of folding the starting hand, the probability of stealing a card for the formation of 21 increases. This is if fewer decks are used in the game.

Keep in mind that the casino dealer also benefits from these changes. This does not have as much effect on the game as it could be because the players have the option of winning 3, they would be for Blackjack 2 and the house, for its part, still receives the same money. Another advantage is that the players if they wish, can double, while the dealer does not. This undoubtedly brings the player more likely to succeed.

The rules, generally, are the same. You can already take into account than that there are calculations that show the benefits of having less cover when playing and that is not just an extended myth as many people think.

If you are entering the world of Blackjack, the following information can be very useful.

Blackjack types and general characteristics

There are two basic versions of Blackjack these are the European and the American also known as “Las Vegas Blackjack”. The amount received at the start of the game is close to the amount that the player has bet.

The maximum play in Blackjack occurs at the time of obtaining 21 points with only two cards. But the usual thing is that you hope to complete this figure without exceeding.

The tables set for this game are covered by a mat whose design incorporates the boxes for players’ cards. The presence of up to 7 players is allowed. People can play standing or sitting, there is no general rule regarding this. It is more a personal preference. However, those who are seated can participate fully in the game while those who are standing are only allowed to bet on the plays made by those who are seated.

The player who is seated is the one who leads the game, the person who remains standing can not be involved in the decisions made by the player.

Regarding the language used, the following most frequent terms can be highlighted:

The croupier it is the person who is representing the casino. Is responsible for making the payments of bets and collect. It is also who provides the letters and collects them at the necessary time.

Sabot. It is the place where the cards that circulate in the game are deposited and also serves to get the necessary cards as the game progresses.

Ten. It is any card of the corresponding deck that occupies that value, for example, the jacks, the queens and the kings have the value of ten in the game.

Insurance. It is the great probability of being safe in opposition to the Blackjack of the house. This occurs when the first card that the croupier takes out has been an ace.

Tips for a successful Blackjack game

Mathematical ability is very useful in this game. If this aspect is trained, the possibilities of successful games will increase.

There is a “basic strategy table” that is very useful. It is a kind of reminder that can get you out of trouble and help you make the most appropriate decisions. This series of strategies can help you minimize the advantages that, by nature, the casino has.

If at the time of observing the letters you have the number or perhaps a slightly larger one, think about it, the risk taken to try to reach the exact number makes it, in general, exceed. If you plant with the number you have there are still chances to win.

It is advisable not to play in casinos where the minimum bets are higher than 5% of your budget, remember that you must establish a previous budget for your bets and not exceed. Prudence is a trait that characterizes the best players.